We see ourselves as Initiators

We are Reseraching.Communicating.Accompanying to preserve the spirit, the culture and the philosophy of original luxury a

Our focus is on the sustainable strengthening of the truthful providers of luxury goods and luxury services. Organizations who act with conviction and passion, who still manufacture their products in the country of origin with highest precision, relentless excellence and much love for detail. Organizations, however, who are increasingly confronted with would-be luxury products and with their imitators. With mass producers which merely possess excellence in the staging of their portfolios, which causes confusion and skepticism among the luxury clientele.

Competitive advantages can be generated solely through knowledge and information. We hold the opinion that we can just learn from and with the best. In order to communicate to the best. In order to be able to set the right impulses. In order to be able to achieve our overall goal: To ensure concertedly truthful luxury in the long term.