We see ourselves as Initiators

As highly qualified industry experts who accompany and protecta

We accompany and support you in the implementation phase of your new ideas and impulses. We help you with your individual strategy development, from analysis to implementation. We are also happy to assist you with projects within the organization that go hand in hand with the corporate and brand strategy.

All our services focus on advising companies that are striving for quality leadership. Our requirement is to sustainably improve the performance of companies and organizations and to generate qualitative growth. Our intention lies in the overriding goal: to maintain truthful luxury together in the long term.

Our Experience and our Expertise

We have over 20 years of expertise in strategic consulting in the luxury segment. Our clients include providers of luxury goods and luxury services of globally renowned brands.

We were apprenticed at the best universities and business schools in the world, such as the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). We constantly broaden our knowledge. We consider lifelong learning existential. Industry knowledge is indispensable.

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Corporate Strategy

Structure follows strategy: The success of a company can be planned. The challenges lie in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, in the strong globalization of competition and markets as well as in growing competitive pressure and cost pressure.
A coherent corporate strategy is required in order to master the challenges and continuously increase the company's profitability and value. We support you in the development, adaptation and implementation of a corporate strategy.
Together with our clients, we determine the future areas of activity, work out the competitive advantages and define the resources with which the set goals are to be achieved. In doing so, continuous review and realization of synergies are elementary.

Band Strategy

Brand follows strategy: In addition to the corporate strategy, the brand strategy is of crucial importance. Nowadays, a strong brand makes a major contribution to a company's value, and this is not only reflected in the balance sheet. A brand creates trust and identification, customer retention and loyalty. Depending on its identity, it can be associated with respectability, top quality, reliability and fidelity. It also facilitates the market penetration of new product categories and expansion into new business areas. Advantages and characteristics that play an increasingly important role in times of increasing crises and rapid change. We support you in establishing and expanding your brand. We work with you to develop your individual brand identity and support you in implementing it in all necessary areas of the organization, in communicating it to the outside world and in living it accordingly.

Culture and identity management

Purpose fosters strategy: Successful companies in the luxury sector and their brands have a strong corporate culture and corporate identity. The identity forms the core of the company. It provides the framework according to which the company should operate and act. All corporate activities and actions should always be checked against the identity to ensure the credibility of the company. In the course of their growth and continuous development, many companies have diluted their original identity or no longer focus on it. We support you in developing your company's identity and installing a culture and identity management system. Together, we will embark on the search for your strong corporate identity.

Business Development

Business Development fosters strategy: In these dynamic times, a business model must be constantly reviewed in the light of prevailing environmental conditions and must be adapted to them if necessary. The development of companies and divisions is therefore one of the most important and challenging tasks of management. The basis for successful business development is a strategic corporate concept. Our focus is on qualitative growth in order to be successful on the market in the long term. We work with you to develop your strategic business concept and actively support you in its implementation.