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Authenticity ensures your company's success

If the familiar world starts to falter, doubts and mistrust arise, authenticity offers people safety and trust.a

Hitzler/Müller-Stewens (2017): The Strategic Role of Authenticity in the Luxury Business, Springer

For several years now, we have been on a political, social and economic rollercoaster of crises, scandals and uncertainties.

Authenticity as an integral part of corporate strategy provides a solution to the demands and needs of our time. Patricia Anna Hitzler developed a strategic authenticity concept for the luxury sector together with the well-known strategist Prof. Dr. Günter Müller-Stewens from the renowned University of St. Gallen (HSG).

If this concept is implemented and practiced in the company, it will lead to an increase in the company's profitability and value in the long term. The perception of the company by its most important stakeholders as an authentically operating organization with an authentic brand and authentic products offers you a lasting high benefit.

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How does authenticity affect the value of a company?

And what does authentic luxury actually mean?

What does authentic brand essence mean?

How is identity-based brand essence manifested?

What characteristics and criteria must be observed in order to be able to act authentically as an organization in the luxury segment and to be perceived as authentic by its stakeholders?

And how can these be implemented in the value chain of a luxury goods company in a value-generating way?


Increasing profitability and value or brand value of the company

Strengthening market position and expanding the unique selling proposition

Enhancing image and reputation as a true luxury provider

Establishing and expanding trust and credibility

Fostering long-term customer retention and loyalty

Strengthening identification with the brand and the company

Maintaining high status and ensuring exclusivity in the long term


Strengthening companies in the luxury segment sustainably and profitably!

More identity through individuality! Manifestation of your purpose and your brand essence! Building and expanding credibility and trust so that the customer identifies more strongly than ever with your brand, your company and your products or services. Employing authenticity to counteract the inflationary use of the term "luxury". Securing status and exclusivity in the long term and safeguarding against imitators who rely solely on high-quality staged communication.


Companies and their managers, entrepreneurs who are pursuing or would like to pursue a luxury-specific strategy.

Small, exclusive group of participants in order to be able to adequately address individual issues.

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Patricia Anna Hitzler completed her Executive MBA degree at the prestigious University of St. Gallen (HSG). At that time, her enthusiasm for the “authentic” luxury segment and the idea for her research arose. Together with the famous strategist Prof. Dr. Günter Müller-Stewens, Director of the Institute of (business) management at the HSG, she developed a strategic authenticity concept, a guide for the management, that was globally published in March 2017 under the title “The Strategic Role of Authenticity in the Luxury Business“, in the Springer volume „Sustainable Management of Luxury“.

In May 2017, the Forbes Magazine quoted her authenticity study as a suggestion of how Chanel could do better in order to prevent scandals and crises.

Furthermore, she published several articles, among others in the leading Swiss Newspaper “Neue Züricher Zeitung”, and started off the Perfumery Conference of the German Federal Association of perfumery, the major and most prestigious symposium for luxury perfume and luxury cosmetics in Germany, as keynote speaker.

Patricia Anna Hitzler, Executive MBA HSG in General Management, B.A. in Information Management and Corporate Communications, has paid special attention to the high-end segment from the beginning of her occupational career. At first, she worked several years in the tradition-rich German and Italian fashion industry in sales and marketing. Afterwards, she moved to a business consultancy specialized in the luxury segment. There she accompanied organizations from the luxury industry, as senior consultant and eventually as partner of that consulting firm. Her focus lies in strategy and brand consulting and in the development of business models.


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